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The association is a non-profit organisation, which wishes to bring together users of the GNU/Linux operating systems. It promotes their use by helping the amateurs and advanced users, as well as the interested people who are beginning or who wish to discover these operating systems. To fullfill this goal, offers many means of communication and information, such as its forum, its wiki, its IRC channel, or its Jabber room 1). The association manages these exchange sites on the principle that the person who will have been helped and will have learned by the interposition of will, then and according to her/his means, put her/his knowledge at the disposal of the community.

The access to these various spaces is free and is not reserved only to the members of the association. There are however not available in English. We provide support only in French, German and Italian. is not the only Swiss association related to GNU/Linux, association wants to be nonredundant and offers to that end services nonavailable elsewhere.

How to become member of association ?
You become member of association by pouring your contribution (30 CHF per year) to the association. The procedure is described on the page ”accounts refer”.

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1) xmpp://
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