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#1 24 Aug 2018 12:05:47

François Marthaler
From: Prilly
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Décharge rapide de la batterie du FPH2


Je suis tombé sur ce petit guide en anglais décrivant les problèmes rencontrés avec les batteries du Fairphone sur

Je reproduis ci-dessous deux résolutions de cas, sans les traduire.

Wrong charging status.

Many Fairphone users experience problems where the battery’s charging level quickly drops and/or stays the same on certain levels. Sometimes this is a precursor for a bloating battery and sometimes the battery’s firmware just has to be reset:

Let the battery run all dry (ignore all battery warnings until your FP2 switches off by itself). To kickstart the battery: Take out the battery of the phone; Wait for half an hour and put the battery back in the phone; Connect the Fairphone to a charger; If the charging light is blinking, it means that the battery was totally empty, wait for some minutes until the red light becomes fixed; A loading battery icon should appear for a few seconds (a short press on the power button will display it); Please keep on charging for more than an hour because the battery was likely totally drained. You might need to do it twice - or at least let it shut down by itself twice - before the report is better.

Charging Problems.

If charging doesn’t work well, take your phone out of your case (if you have one), reboot and try a different/better (more expensive) cable/usb slot/adapter/socket.

    When charging is a problem, try charging with a datacable. Cheap charging cables have 2 wires, whilst data cables have 4 wires.
    Use cables with a large wire gauge. OEM cables of large smartphones usually fall in this category. Thinner cables have been confirmed to cause charging misbehavior.
    If moving/wobbling/touching the cable during charging interrupts the charging process (charging animation toggles between on/off)
    a) check if your USB-Port/Connector of your FP is dirty and clean it carefully with a screw driver
    b) check if the whole USB-Port became loosen, which could indicate a broken soldering point at the motherboard
    General information for using the original FP1(U) charger (1A, 5V)
    a) While correct charging with the original FP charger it should consume 5.5 Watts while showing the charging animation (check with external power meter)
    b) BUT: the charging animation is also running, when the charger only consumes 2 or even 0.4 Watts or less (e.g. due to bad electrical contacts)
    c) thus be aware, that charging overnight not necessarily mean a full battery, if you are suffering form contact problems like this!
    Try setting USB debugging to “on” in the “Developer options” screen if charging behavior becomes erratic (problem observed on a FP2 with FP open). Cycling through the different USB connection options in the “Developer options” screen also appears to stabilize charging behavior.

Si ces indications peuvent aider quelqu'un, merci de résumer ci-dessous en français ce qui a fonctionné...


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