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#1 31 Jan 2014 11:21:53

From: Grand-Lancy (GE)
Registered: 16 Jul 2006
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Open Business Lunch de /ch/open

Salut à tous!

Sevenoftu nous en avait parlé, voilà que les Open Business Lunch, organisés par /ch/open arrivent en Suisse romande!
Le prochain se tiendra la semaine prochaine, lié au Lift.
Attention, le délai d'inscription est jusqu'à aujourd'hui!

/ch/open wrote:

Dear Reader

We are glad to invite you to a very special Open Business Lunch in
Geneva about

Urban Data Challenge Update &
Secure Swiss Collaboration: Protect your Customers

Date:     Thu, February 6th 2014
Location:     Lift Conference, Room n° 12, 2nd floor, CICG, 17 rue de
Varembé, Geneva
Time:     13:00 - 15:00h

Pizzas and Drinks provided.

Georg Greve, Kolab Systems AG


1pm: Urban Data Challenge Update
We hope you all still remember the Urban Data Challenge? And all the
great projects people produced 2013 from the open public transportation
data sets from Zurich, Geneva and San Francisco? Even though you have
not heard much recently, Lift, swissnex San Francisco, GrayArea and have been working hard behind the scenes to make a next
exciting edition and would love to update you over lunch!

1:45pm: Secure Swiss Collaboration: Protect your Customers
With Georg Greve, CEO of Kolab Systems AG and a genuine "Open Knight".
Gizmodo wrote that might be the best secure emailservice
still standing. Why is that? Kolab Systems CEO will give some insight
into the reasons that MyKolab has the highest possible ratings for
security and customer protection, what it offers beyond email, and where
the journey is going.

*More information* and … conference


Georg Greve is CEO of Kolab Systems AG and a genuine "Open Knight".
Roles he held in his career were: European GNU Speaker, Author of the
Brave GNU World, Founding President of Free Software Foundation Europe,
Member of German Governmental Delegation to the World Summit on the
Information Society (WSIS), Standards Specialist and OOXML Battle
Champion at Google, to name only some of the most important. For his
achievements in the areas of Open Source and Open Standards he was
awarded the Knight's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic
of Germany.

Please sign up here
till Friday, January 31 and let us know if you need a complimentary Lift

Kind regards
Ursula Burri

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#2 31 Jan 2014 12:51:08

From: Renens, Vaud
Registered: 06 Jun 2006
Posts: 483

Re: Open Business Lunch de /ch/open

Pouf !

/me retourne dans sa cave.



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